Лингор мод: видеоклип шансона в формате mpg через торрент

Lingor Map Model Lingor Map Heartpoint of an island is a big town on East named Maruko. Its a town ruled by a dictator that lives in his mansion compound. Jan 2, 2017 Lingor Island is a South-American inspired tropical map used on unofficial DayZ servers. Lingor Island is slightly smaller than Chernarus. Lingor is one of the most played maps in Arma Community and first really lush green . To install Lingor + Dingor Island you should use modfolders I've updated Lingor out of beta and also upgraded Isla Abramia. Both islands now work with 1.60 patch of A3 (proper skies & lighting). You can grab both islands.

Hopefully Lingor scenery is a bit similiar with the river setting. But its much more . Despite regular GAL vs ARL clashes, tourists still flood to Lingor. Jul 6, 2016 . Steam Workshop: Arma 3. This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries A map of Lingor Island for DayZ, showing loot spawns and loot tables.

Лингор мод


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